Natural instinct of human beings

We the human beings are dependent on the nature We are the servant of the nature. Some may laugh on it but it is true that the remote of our life is in the hand of nature. We think that we are the controller of our body. But it is not true in many sense. Because very often we fail to realize what we are doing. Most often we do what nature wasn’t to be done by use. It is mainly called natural instinct. If you ask me for an example, it will be like this : suppose you are going through a road. A man is standing in front of you. Suddenly a truck came very fast and went over the man. What will you do then. Surely you will rush to the man and try to help him. But if you don’t do so then you are really inhuman. But think it deeply. Was it you who went to help? Had you got enough time to think about the insident??

The answer will be surely : NO. Because it was not you who ordered your body to go and help. It was nature which influenced you to do so and this influence of nature is called The Natural Instinct Of Human Beings.||Fahim Alam||

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